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Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

As if the Lilac Diesel Strain produced by Colorado’s Ethos Genetics weren’t already amazing enough, the team has come up with another winner that’s in a league all her own. Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

An evenly balanced hybrid, Lilac Diesel blends a complex set of genetics to create an array of effects that are out of this world. Her parents include Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, NYC Cherry Pie, and Citral Glue. Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

On the more mild side when it comes to THC potency, Lilac Diesel tops out at 21% and is ideal for a variety of users. Her nugs are flat-out gorgeous with a small shape that’s covered in mint green and lilac tones. Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

A glittering coating of purple-tinted trichomes is akin to a beautiful bow on the top of a gift. As her name would suggest, strong notes of diesel along with fruits and berries will overtake your senses, rounding things out with a spicy finish as you exhale.


Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

For some, Lilac Diesel is a must-have when it comes to creative endeavors. As many describe that her effects start off with a boost of focus unlike anything else. Art, music, writing, and more may become far easier after a few hits of this gal. But make sure you take advantage of this situation while you can. Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

In most cases, this strain’s Indica genetics eventually take hold and provide a physical sense of relaxation that could sap you of motivation. While it’s likely that this strain isn’t strong enough to put you to sleep, you should be prepared for any number of possibilities during your comedown.

It’s often believed that medicinal cannabis needs to be high in THC to be effective. But Lilac Diesel proves this theory false. Those who employ her to help with a variety of aches and pains often note that she does an exceptional job. Most commonly, this bud is use to help offset depression and anxiety, while others do in fact like to take a few tokes in an effort to battle insomnia. Lilac Diesel may also be of use when dealing with nausea or trying to overcome a loss of appetite.

The home growing game has changed a lot in the last handful of years. And while there’s typically more information available now than ever before when it comes to cultivation techniques. Actually acquiring strains can still prove difficult. Ethos Genetics has a longstanding reputation for safeguarding its seeds. Making Lilac Diesel one that you’ll probably never plant in your own backyard.

Whether you’re a novice user or you’ve been smoking for years. Lilac Diesel could easily find a place in your heart. Her flavors are often well-love. And her effects are typically varied enough to provide some excitement to your afternoon or evening. Consider taking her on a weekend adventure to see. What happens or simply enjoy this flavorful gal toward the end of a long workday? Lilac Diesel Strain for sale

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Ounce – Oz, Quarter Pound – 1/4 Lbs, Half Pound – 1/2 Lbs, Pound – Lbs


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